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Sir Mix-A-Lot performs ‘Baby Got Back’ at Jamal Crawford’s wedding

Last month during a fun interview we did with Jamal Crawford in the backyard of his Seattle home, he told us that he was going to get married in the next few weeks on his huge and beautiful lawn. I told him that I got married on a basketball court in a backyard and and then a year later I tore an ACL on the same court. We laughed about the warning signs and then moved on to topics like rappers from the Seattle area in the 90s like Sir Mix-A-Lot and Kid Sensation – I even surprised Crawford with a cassette copy of Kid Sensation’s 2nd album which featured Crawford’s idol Ken Griffey Jr.

Flashforward to this past weekend, Crawford got married (also played in one epic midnight Seattle Pro-Am game with Chris Paul) and brought out a big music surprise for his wife and LA Clippers guests – Seattle rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot who performed ‘Baby Got Back!’

Zakirose captured some of the excitement in the video above and if you want to another pretty awesome performance of the song, check out Mix performing it with the Seattle Symphony and a lot of crazy moms.

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