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Blake Griffin, Jamal Crawford & Video Games at Matt Barnes’ unique basketball camp

Matt Barnes’ annual basketball camp, now in it’s 7th year, isn’t your typical basketball player’s camp. The 5-day camp has everything you would expect out of NBA player’s camp, but what makes this one at Redwood Shores so one-of-a-kind for it’s 170 campers isn’t the big guest appearances or the scrimmages on the basketball court but the EA Sports Game Room nearby the court. In this room, kids get to stand on a stage, test out new games and play NBA Jam on a movie theater size screen.

“It’s kind of impressive, seeing all those kids playing video games on that size of a screen,” camp director Moose Bailey to SportsGrid. “The kids get to test a lot of the new video games, and that’s a big selling point. Sometimes you don’t know if they’re here for that, or to see NBA stars.”

As for the special guests to the camp, it’s a pretty impressive one too. Baron Davis, Jelani McCoy, Ray Young and Ekep Udoh stopped by early on and yesterday his current Clippers’ teammates Jamal Crawford and Blake Griffin flew in to visit with the kids and sign some autographs.


If you were wondering if Jamal Crawford broke any poor kid’s ankles. No, the camp had dribbling phenom and trainer Dribble2Much doing the honors. You might remember the name because he’s the guy who turned Teyana Taylor’s basketball career into a viral meme last week.

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