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1 armed two sport athlete Geno Policicchio does his best Jamal Crawford impersonation on a defender

Meet 1 armed two sport athlete Geno Policicchio of Divine Child High…not to be confused with Zach Hodskins (more on him later) and not to be confused with Jamal Crawford. The reason for the JCrossover name drop is because of this behind the back move that Geno did on a Crankbrook Kingswood High player that i’m surprised didn’t drop the defender.

More amazing than that move, with or without 2 arms, is the fact that Geno is also a varsity defensive back on his high school football team and can also play baseball.


Like Geno, 17 year old Zach Hodskins is another great inspiration. The one armed YouTube sensation straight outta Alpharetta, GA is now taking his talents to Gainsville, FL as a “preferred walk-on.”

“It’s always been my dream growing up,” Hodskins said. “I never expected it to be like this, but the hard work has paid off. I’m ecstatic I’m going to be a Florida Gator.”

I was going to say I bet he never expected to have a celebrity like Beyonce dedicate a blog post to him either but when you are able to accomplish what he and people like Geno Policicchio have done, you truly must believe anything is possible.

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