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Jamal Crawford 37 points & 11 (some crazy) assists vs Raptors…I mean Terrence Ross

So who does Jamal Crawford have to sleep with or dunk on to get some big endorsement deals? He was promoting the S. Carter line of Reebok shoes back in 2005 and he’s currently the face of BrandBlack but JCrossover should be on my TV as much as his teammate Blake Griffin is. Jamal should be in every issue of every hoop magazine promoting a product and I don’t mean a product like D-Band (this deserves it’s own story and yes it’s coming soon!)

The main reason, because I have many reasons, that I say Jamal Crawford needs to be seen more is because I can’t see enough of his highlights. He has the best handles in the league and broken more ankles and confused more camera men than any player in the past decade. Crazy 3 pointers- check. Most 4 pointers – check. Big scoring games -check. Big passing games – check. Crazy assists – check out this one from last night.

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