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Blake Griffin does his best Jamal Crawford impersonation – behind the back dribble, crossover & spin

Blake Griffin was a buffet last night as he had a little of everything for Clippers’ fans. He had a double double of 24 and 16 – awesome. He made 8 of 10 free throws for people that criticize his struggles at the line. He BLOCKED 1 SHOT for people like me that think an athletic freak like him should be able to block a shot here and there. He attempted a 3 pointer and missed it which will make the Golden State Warriors’ bench happy. Then for people that have Jamal Crawford listed as their favorite player in the league (me again), Blake did his best JCrossover impersonation with…are you ready for this…two behind the back dribbles, then a crossover, 2 spin moves and a finger role layup.

As for the man with the best handles in the league, Crawford had 27 points and i’m sure as good of a laugh as the tipsy white women sitting courtside for the 21 point beat down of the Nuggets.

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